Black Congressional Caucus, gay community & AIDS advocates feuding with Obama

Just as the gay community is fuming about the lack of support from the DNC and, more importantly, the Obama administration, comes news that the congressional Black Caucus is also feuding with Obama over his surprising lack of support for minorities during this current financial crisis.

A clash between the Obama administration and the Congressional Black Caucus intensified Wednesday, illustrating how lawmakers' unease about the economy has the potential to derail White House priorities.

Ten black lawmakers refused to appear at a House committee vote on financial regulations Wednesday, a move that nearly allowed Republicans to kill a major Democratic bill.

The move was the culmination of weeks of tension, including a testy meeting two weeks ago that included Rep. Maxine Waters (D., Calif.), Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. In the meeting, Ms. Waters berated the administration for not doing enough to help minority-owned businesses, mentioning specifically a New York broadcaster that couldn't get a loan reworked.

At her news conference, Ms. Waters said minorities and minority-owned institutions had been disproportionately hurt by the financial crisis. She said minority-owned banks haven't had the same access to government capital as other banks. She also said minority-owned auto dealers, newspapers and broadcasting firms were folding because of a lack of funding. Foreclosure rates and unemployment are also higher among minorities, she said.

Also, the AIDS advocacy community says Obama is doing a worse job than Bush! Ouch.

"It's heartbreaking," Matthew Kavanagh, director of U.S. advocacy for Health GAP told TPMDC. His group was among four U.S. AIDS groups that gave Obama a "D+" on AIDS policy yesterday. Kavanagh said that to his shock, he felt Bush had a better record on AIDS research than Obama. "I could not imagine I would be saying that now [last year]. Many folks in the global AIDS movement were so looking forward to stepping up the fight with Obama."

Dr. Paul Zeitz, executive director of the Global AIDS Alliance, said he would have given Bush a B+ this time last year. The shift since Obama has been "shocking" to the activists around the world, he said.

"It's outrageous," Zeitz told TPMDC from a protest his group and others held near the White House today. He said activists around the world are "dismayed" by what they've seen from Obama's commitment to AIDS in his first year.

There are two main complaints with Obama's AIDS policy from activists. First, funding. Bush raised AIDS funding to its highest level while in office, and budget requests sent by Obama to Congress for next year call for funding to essentially remain at the Bush administration levels.

The groups that issued the "report card" yesterday claim that's not enough. According to the report it issued, "flat-lining" the AIDS budget line is effectively reducing the U.S. commitment to fighting AIDS because "it will not even keep pace with global medical inflation, estimated at 4-10% this year.


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It wouldnt have mattered the damage caused by George Bush and now Obama as both these Presidents were picked by the Global Elite towards a New World Order that weve been hearing about lately. This is where the G-20 Summit comes in. As for the major economic problems were all facing, is mainly caused by The Federal Reserve Banks also part of the Elite, who ARE NOT part of our government!! A lot of people do not know this! The last time The Fed Reserve Bank was killed was by Andrew Jackson!!! Look it up!!

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I do not and cannot trust the government to provide for my health care. Social Security is bankrupt, Medicare is bankrupt and now they want us to sign off on a bill they have not read. This is a jokewake up America!

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Or if that idea sounds speculative, inane, stupid, or bizarre, suggest your own alternative. I claim no corner on ideas here. Surely some bright mind can come up with a better solution than escalating salaries, a longer season, and a prospective lockout? Where is the logic in that?

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Last year I was prevented from registering for the Boston Marathon because my fiancee experienced a house gutting fire in September and a perforated colon in October resulting in three operations. I contacted the BAA to make sure my qualifying time at the Twin Cities Marathon was good for 2011 also. I was assured it was. Looking at last years registration I felt certain I would get my registration in if I did it on the first day. That did not happen. I am 56 years old and through determination and perseverance I qualified on my twentieth try. I am dismayed and shocked that I will not be able to participate because there was no warning it would close so unbelievably fast. To work this hard for something and have it taken away because I did the right thing for my fiancee and a registration that closed so quickly without warning. The BAA runs a very shoddy operation.

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It may help, but honestly if you have bad shin pain you may need to bail on the race. I can tell you my personal experience, in 2006, I had bad shin splints going into the Denver Marathon. I ran 1-2 times in the three weeks leading up to the Marathon.

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Or if that idea sounds speculative, inane, stupid, or bizarre, suggest your own alternative. I claim no corner on ideas here. Surely some bright mind can come up with a better solution than escalating salaries, a longer season, and a prospective lockout? Where is the logic in that?

There is NO MAGIC money tree and higher taxes equate to fewer American jobs and higher costs for the few left working.

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In Berkley, California, the epicenter of liberalism in America, the local leftists decided to close high-school science labs because evil White students (and quite possibly evil Asian students) spent inordinate time learning science, while some minorities (blacks and latinos) did not bother to do so.

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Replying to #15 (Mark Malone), who asked, how in the heck did they get so many danged Indies on this survey, and so few Dems?

We got MegaMan 9 because the project was a relatively safe one. I wont go at length as to why, but its the reason Capcom was using phrases like cautiously optimistic and pleasantly surprised in regard to its sales.

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