Petraeus Breaks Army Law By Publicly Saying A Religious Book "Should Be In Every Rucksack"

You can still be kicked out of the U.S. Army for being gay, even if you're a desperately needed translator, but if you break the army law that keeps personal religious beliefs out of the army, odds are you will likely get away with it. Well has exposed such an issue and it involves none-other than Gen. David Petraeus.

The book is "Under Orders: A Spiritual Handbook for Military Personnel," by Army Chaplain (Lt. Col.) William McCoy, and according to Petraeus' published endorsement of the work, "it should be in every rucksack for those times when soldiers need spiritual energy."

But the endorsement - which has spurred a demand by a watchdog group for Petraeus' dismissal and court martial on the grounds of establishing a religious requirement on troops - was a personal view never intended for publication, the book's author now says.

Which is worse, breaking down the walls between church and state or having gays proudly serve in the U.S. Army?


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Jason, You provide all the defense Gen. Petraeus should need "it should be in every rucksack for those times when soldiers need spiritual energy." The words "should be" are, to most logical people, a suggestion or request not a requirement. True, a suggestion from a general officer in the military is taken very seriously but his words were not a spoken requirement, none the less. The move to have Petraeus resign and/or court-martialed is just an attempt to force someones opposing political/religious agenda on the rest of us....exactly what you are accusing Gen. Petraeus of attempting to do. On you other point, gays in the military. I served in both the Marines and Army, retiring with 22 years of service. I will tell you that most people in the service could care less if the person next to them is gay, straight or bi. The only thing that really matters is, can they do their job when the "shit hits the fan." You are firing at the wrong targets. Don't waste your time trying to affect change by attacking those who wear the uniform. We in uniform are servants of the American people and we take or orders from the President and Congress. When they give us an order, even one we don't like, we salute, say "Yes, Sir!" (or Ma'am, as the case may be) and do our damnedest to carry out those orders. If you want change, get out and vote and you will get the country and military you want. We could debate whether it would be a better country or military, but, if you vote, then I would be willing to listen and debate with you. If you don't vote the sit down, shut-up and accept the country the rest of us have decided on.


Of all the people to attack, Gen. Petraeus? The man is a consummate patriot and conducts himself with the class and competency that we should all strive for in this country. I understand that for you it's a matter of competition and beating the conservatives, but there must be some common sense (or decency) left in you, after all, you still have good taste in music.

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