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I kid you not. Dan Quayle is rumored to be one of the contestants on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. We're talking about a former Vice President of the United States of America! Seriously! I mean it was embarassing enough having him in the White House, but this is a new low. Even for him. Maybe the GOP can stop him from doing the show by putting him on McCain's ticket as his Vice President......

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Oh man, I miss reagan...he's not going to be here to clean up jimmy carter part 2 this time.

telex you make me laugh. seriously. you're like alex p. keaton but in real life. amazing.


That's a compliment, Alex Keatao was an ambitious self-motivated achiever. Thanks man!
But seriously, damn i really miss reagan, there will never be another.

The Real Reagan:

--Tripled the national deficit
--Raised taxes on middle class
--The War On Drugs
--Saving & Loans Scandals
--Junk Bonds
--Ignoring AIDS
--Wasting billions on star wars
--Raised taxes on small businesses
--Removed "truth in advertising" Law
--Ddid away with the TV stations having to show a certain percentage of either kids or educational shows.
--AND Reagan funded and armed Osama Bin Laden.


Ha, spoken by someone who has no sense of history or grasp on what this country was like in the late 1970's and how he was so instrumental in rolling back govt and turning things around. Inflation was over 21%, the top earners were giving 70% of their income to taxes, high unemployment - over 7%, negative GNP. These all changed under Reagan. Not to mention,his foreign affair brilliance (but that is not even debatable). Only problem during the 80's was a congress that was too spend-happy.

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