KANYE WEST | Glow In The Dark Tour + Setlist

The Seattle Times reviews the opening night of Kanye West's Glow In The Dark tour:

It was a magnificent, thrilling, uplifting, sensory experience, unlike any other pop concert before it. West has rethought the whole idea of live performance, from the staging to the lighting to the overall message.

West was the only inhabitant of this lonely planet, the only person on stage during his 90-minute set. A 10-member group of musicians and singers were in a pit well below him, all of them in black to make them even more obscure.

The huge, very tall set was like the uneven surface of another world. West first appeared lying on an elevated plaform, which eventually became like a spaceship, moving up, down and sideways, with smoke and flashing lights. An enormous video screen created the look and feel of space travel and otherworldly landscapes.

Sorry for the crap videos, but security was supposedly extra tight at the venue....

Good Morning / I Wonder / heard em say (remix) / Through The Wire / Champion / Get Em High / Skit / Diamonds / Can't Tell Me Nothing / Flashing Lights / Drunk and Hot Girls / Spaceship / All falls down / Skit / Gold Digger / Good Life / Jesus Walks / Hey Mama // Stronger // Homecoming // Touch The Sky

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Apparently the first night had some complications for Lupe:


ca we pleae get over these douche bags already? they're no more talented than any other unsigned rapper. plus they're so into their fashion shit and limited edition-lame- whatever-the-fuck that makes their half promising songs devaluate completely-just on principle. Also, don't forget that-my-mama-died-in-a-cosmetic-surgery-gone-wrong-boy just played this dubious show at BAM for this other asshole whose love for broklyn is non existing. Way to be real and to stand by the real people.

anyway, my point is enought of giving attention to completely non-relevnt shite like this asshole.

I like your views on a lot of things but this just pisssed me off dude.



Louis Vuitton Don:

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you should bash it - you're the douche bag. If you don't like this stuff, why the fuck are you looking at it? Let it go. Go listen to your own shit - nobody's bothering you about that stuff, so leave it be.

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