YEAH YEAH YEAHS | Webster Hall Review, Setlist

The last two times I've seen the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, both of which were at the Bowery Ballroom, I was underwhelmed. Their performances had been extremely lackluster. That was not what the band delivered at Webster Hall last night.

Throughout the hour and half set, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed an inspired and energetic set that had the crowd bouncing and singing along. The Show Your Bones tracks were the ones the audience went most bonkers for, while the older tracks like "Our Time" and "Art Star" didn't make the crowd lose their shit they way used to at Brownies.

Regardless, Karen O is an excellent frontwoman. Nick is a wicked guitarist. And Brian is the groups backbone. He was posturing all night like Rikki Rocket. Totally awesome. Fun show. Made me fall back in love with them........

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that had to be the weirdest thing i've seen at a YYY show, to have them play "art star" and "our time" to a muted response.

Hey guys! You know what I think? I think that all written here is bullshit, real lie. They are making us believe it’s true, they are trying to express it like it was in reality. Don’t believe it if you are not insane! There’s nothing special in this site, they just express regular news with unusual words. They can make something shocking out of anything! Don’t trust them!

This story sounds convincingly! I agree with you in this case.

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